Newsy: Video News

No nonsense video news in 2 minutes or less

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To be totally honest, I get a lot of my news from Twitter and from news comedy shows (like the Daily Show), so I'm used to consuming "small bites of news" or video news, and this seems like a cool way to combine them.
@katesegrin Definitely agreed!
@tnsrig "no nonsense" as in when they cover a story, they stick just to the known facts and try not to speculate. No, "well maybe the plane went into a black hole...." reporting. *cough* *cough* CNN *cough*
Great product! I really appreciate the quick, concise reporting and the lack of "spin" is extremely refreshing. Definitely a great way to stay informed!
@spinoodle I wouldn't go so far as to say there's a "lack of 'spin,'" but it's a neat idea nonetheless.
@shlomofellig it's all relative I suppose lol