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    Opens up ones perspective of the news


    In-app comments can be painful to read

    Newsvoice has really changed how I read the news!

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Thanks @bramk for hunting us! 🚀 Newsvoice is a news app and community that shows more perspectives of the news. Our technology scans the web and analyzes the articles, but ultimately lets our readers decide what’s important. Newsvoice’s vision is to break filter bubbles, to challenge media bias, and to stop fake news. With the help of our readers, Newsvoice will gather, analyze, and rank news stories and perspectives to regain the trust in news media. We want people to widen their views. We want them to discuss current issues with their opposition to find greater solutions. Newsvoice is news reporting crowdsourced and democratized. We are inviting the Product Hunt community to try out our very first version and we’re excited to get feedback and answer your questions. If you find this useful, please share it with your friends. Let’s change the world together! Fun fact: Newsvoice is the very first released app built with Google’s new cross-platform framework Newsvoice is available on the web, in App Store and in Google Play. 🔥
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Hi, My name is Viktor and I’m responsible for the development of Newsvoice. Previously, I have worked as senior software engineer at Google, Zynga, as well as some smaller startups. We built the iOS and Android apps using, Google’s new cross platform framework. It’s still in development but if you don’t mind digging into the code it’s super fast to get things done. We made the apps from zero to App Store and Google Play in less than three weeks. The backend is more traditional, using Python and Postgres. I’m available if you have any questions, here or Twitter @viktorlidholt. Thanks!
This product couldn't come at a better time. I hope it does a good job of comparing different perspectives, and generally educating people on "online partisanship".
@jevinsew Thank you Jevin – I agree. Right now, we try to show different perspective on different kind of news to give a more comprehensive picture of the events. Say you read about the crisis in Syria, we might show a perspective from the U.S., Russia and the Middle East. If you read about American politics, you might see a left-wing, right-wing and a foreign perspective.
@ohedwall That's nifty! So the perspectives depend on the actual news? Is this done manually?
@jevinsew @ohedwall We currently pick the 3 highest voted perspectives, so initially this may be somewhat random until readers start voting. We won't just show the top three links though, they top three always are from different perspectives.
@vlidholt @ohedwall I see. That makes sense.
Thank, Gawd. I have been waiting for something like this. It's near impossible to find balanced news.
@peter_enestrom Thanks Peter. That's something we have missed too! Did you try the app or website?
@ohedwall just downloaded the app and can't wait to give it a spin AND tell everyone about it :-)
@ohedwall P.S. I really like how news is tagged "Right", "Center", or "Left" etc. Would be cool if you could add other factors in, such as negativity vs. positivity. I imagine you can determine this through the dominance of certain language.
@peter_enestrom Yeah, good point. We have actually done some tests with sentiment analysis on articles to do just that, but the results haven't been good enough/added value yet :)
@peter_enestrom @ohedwall Thanks! :) We've been looking at analyzing the sentiment in the articles and that may be something we add in the not too distant future.
@franciskim_co Thank you! But let's get into that 1000 club. ;)
@vlidholt hopefully soon! 🚀
At first glance, looks like a reddit clone, no? I will give it a try though.
@jeffrey_wyman We use a similar ranking algorithm as Reddit, but we are specifically targeting news, and are always showing different perspectives. I think you'll find that it's a quite different experience and hopefully better suited for news. :)