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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2019
A web app to subscribe and read newsletters in a distraction free environment.
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Hey PH, I am very excited about launching Newslettrs - a simple way to subscribe and read newsletters. If you cannot find newsletters of your interest in the explore section, you can create a custom "" email and use it to subscribe to newsletters from around the Internet. You get all your newsletters in one place and can read it in a distraction free environment. For registration, we are currently having an invite-only sign up exclusive to ProductHunt community. (If you think your friends might be interested, please feel free to share the invite code). Use the invite code - PH2019 🙏🏼 We'd love to get some feedback and I'm happy to answer questions.
@_product7 Congratulations Monish for the launch! The product is simple and useful. Definitely solves my problem with consolidating newsletters away from my inbox!!
@180nord Thank you Sanjeev. I appreciate your feedback. One of my main motives was also that - to have a separate place for my newsletters and the ability to read it without distractions.
Hopefully, this will be the final product that that scratch my itch for newsletters. A newsletter app that available both on mobile and web app.
@jake_tran I hope it will be.
@_product7 I've been using the app extensively, and while I try to use Newslettrs email to subscribe, I didn't receive any new newsletters in my inbox. What's going on?
Loving it. What's your business model? Also, is it possible to add a newsletter to the directly rather than adding just to my inbox? Probably it's get added to the public 'explore' directly as well but with the empty 'default' description. How can we write description for the added newsletter Thank you.
@niteshmanav Thank you Nitesh. I appreciate the feedback and the question. I do have a business model for the long term but for the short term there isn't one. For now, I can say only one thing about my business model - it definitely does not involve targeted advertising. For now, there isn't a way to add the newsletter to the directory by the user yet. We want to make sure the directory is curated. If the newsletter you added fits within our criteria, we will add it to the directory. You can send me the description and details for your newsletter, I will add it.
This looks promising. I applied for a Newslettrs email in order to add newsletters that were not listed but most (all?) newsletters require a confirmation email to be returned that they are presumably sending to the email. How is this handled? I do not see the newsletters I added in the Inbox. Thanks for thinking of this product!
@matthewmindlin Thank you Matt for your feedback. Except for the newsletters in the Explore section, other Newsletters that you subscribe to, are treated the same way as your regular email. Once you hit the confirmation email, you should start receiving the newsletter regularly. If the newsletter is popular, then it will be in the Explore section.
@_product7 I’m sorry but I don’t get it. When I subscribe to a newsletter it wants my email. I put the email address in so that the newsletter is routed to my newslettr account. But the newsletter service sends a confirmation email to the email which I do not receive in my email application nor does it show up in the newslettr web site/inbox. So there’s no way to confirm that email address and the newsletter that I subscribe to never appears. Am I missing something?
@matthewmindlin The newsletter service is supposed to send a confirmation email and you will receive it in the inbox inside Newslettrs app. Once you confirm your subscription from that email, you will get future emails in your inbox. You aren't missing something. It is supposed to work the way you described. If it is not then I need to check what is happening. What is the best place to talk to you privately about this issue?
@_product7 I'm facing the same issue. I subscribed to a newsletter (not listed inside the app) but I haven't been able to see the confirmation email yet.
@180nord Can you share more information about this please? I have started a 1:1 chat on PH.
Good stuff. Kinda reminds me of an rss reader, but for newsletters. I used to be a big Google Reader fan, and these kind of products really help me.
@amitagr33708065 Thank you for your feedback Amit. I am a huge fan of RSS and associated products like Google Reader. I was really disappointed when they shutdown Google Reader. One of my motives is to keep the app simple and provide a familiar flow. I am glad it is working.
@amitagr33708065 @_product7 any plans to add RSS output? :)
@amitagr33708065 @petrpinkas Not yet Petr but if there is enough demand, I will definitely consider that.