A simple, focused reading app for your newsletters.

Inspiratio offers an easy way to read your favourite newsletters with no distraction

• Subscribe to as many publications as you want with a private email address( which ensures you stay anonymous to websites

• Alternatively auto-forward your subscriptions from Gmail

• A simple an clean interface to read every new incoming issue

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hello dear fellow newsletters fans! When I was on vacation this year, I finally found the time to go through all my unread newsletters and I started wondering: why isn't there a better experience around reading & managing newsletters? Why is all this great content cramped into your email client? – So my friend @matas and I joined forces to build a more tailored experience around newsletters. We’d be really happy to get your feedback and learn what your favourite newsletters are to feature them in the app as well! Matas & Jakob
@jakobfricke I can also add that Inspiratio is a project driven by our own perception on how the news reading should be, inspiring, tuned precisely to the topics and authors that are interesting for the reader. It's quite simple - you control your feed, not the algorithms. Already with the first beta versions, we've switched own reading habits to Inspiratio, quite naturally. Try it for yourself 😄
Smooth dedicated experience just for newsletters. Also no need to give out my real email 🔥
Great app to read and sort your newsletters in a simple, yet appealing way!
I love how this app keeps distractions at bay — I can choose when to check out my newsletters, rather than being bombarded in my main mailbox. Great idea and execution 👍
@jakubowskiandy thanks! – Any features that you are still missing…?
@jakobfricke now that I think of it, a way to sort issues by time could be cool — so not just by newsletter subscription. That way if I open the app after a month or so, I can quickly check out the latest issues. On the other hand, that could add unnecessary complexity. I’ll keep thinking about it 🙂
@jakubowskiandy noted! We'll think about it and see if there's a way to add it without increasing the complexity!

Useful tool, simple idea, should have been invented years ago


Brings structure into newsletters, filters interesting newsletters