RSS Reader with filtering and sharing.

What do I think of this product? It's mine, so it's the best damn reader there is.
I've been using NewsBlur with Reeder on iOS and Mac for a while now and find that it helps me to deal with all the information coming my way. The ability to filter posts reduces very active feeds to the essential posts. I've not been using the sharing functionality a lot, but it seems like an important feature for the crowd that has moved from Google Reader.
Flitering is something I was waiting for on Feedly - you made me switch :)
I've been happily paying for Newsblur since the Google Reader shutdown in 2013. I love the simplicity of the platform, yet it provides a bunch of complex features. The News Trainer is one of the coolest that I've yet to see on any other platform. I even interviewed Samuel Clay, the NewsBlur founder, on my podcast
Solid API too