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@mg and cir.ca have made news significantly shorter and digestible, but 60 words? that seems too short.
I have been using the app from a couple of days, and I have found 60 to be a fair limit.
@indianidle Right. Specifically for news articles (where most of the time, there's too much fat around the meat), 60 seems to be a fair limit to me too.
Agree w @eriktorenberg that 60 words is a bit too short, though in full disclosure...I do run AbridgeMe.com - a community-driven platform that summarizes current and historical topics in 100 words or less. The difficulty is not on the reader side of things, but we found that when it comes to more complex topics, a writer needs 4-5 sentences to adequately explain (roughly 100 words). A bit on our research here https://medium.com/@abridgeme/wh...
88K likes on Facebook?
@robinraszka only $100 for 10000 likes or so these days
Really like this idea, 60 seems to be a fairly reasonable number to me. Btw can't find the ios app link on the mobile landing page viewed from product hunt,