News API

Get live headlines from a range of news sources

News API is a JSON API for searching all the articles on the web right now. Search by keyword and get metadata for all relevant articles, just like the old Google News API. Also: it's free for developers!

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Oh wow, I totally missed this! I'm the developer, this is my side project. I'm happy to see its received so much positive attention, thanks everyone. I built this because I needed a way to show my users the latest headlines and images from a range of sources, and nothing existed that brought this data together in one place with a consistent and uniform API. I had to access the data from each source in different ways, sometimes via their own API, sometimes via RSS, and sometimes with plain old scraping. It got very tedious. So I thought it would be beneficial to extract this functionality from my main project and spin it off so everyone could use it.
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@highaced This is great! Anyone sites you know of that are using your API?
@highaced possible to get location also of the news report ?
@vartikamanasvi Hey Vartika, can you be more specific? Do you mean the country that the news source is based in, or the location that an article refers to?
@highaced Well if I can get the location that an article refers to that's my exact use case. But I can work around even if I get the country.
@highaced Thank you for such a cool API. I made an App using your API. Its working really well for me. Can you please check it out and give me some feedback?
Nice Product, any plan to return the individual news article in JSON ?( rather than link to news article) + It will also be great to return the news source logo image file in the /sources endpoint response. Thanks
@tahatayyab Returning the whole article is something I've thought about but I'm not sure the publishers would be very happy with that because it totally circumvents them. The terms of their APIs usually forbid republishing whole articles too. Including the logos in the /sources response is a great idea - I'll start working on it now. I've also had suggestions to include RSS and Atom outputs which I'll make time for further down the line.
@highaced Thanks for the feedback. If possible, you can also add searchable archive by day.
Would love to see filtering by keyword/category for this.
I agree with @joostschuur. It would be great if we could retrieve news in particular domain, for instance 'Tech".
@akshayjirage @joostschuur Are you saying you want all the Tech stories merged together into a single feed, for example?
@highaced Hadn't actually thought about that. Initially I was just thinking: All stories matching this keyword from this source, with the keyword being a bit more granular like 'Mars' as opposed to something high level like 'Science'. I could filter by keyword after I get all the stories, but if you could match that against the full body of the article description, that might be more effective, since you're not sharing the whole article body (for understandable reasons).
@highaced @joostschuur Yes, It can help create domain specific newsfeed for bots etc.
Love this API. I wanted to use this to train a model to categorize articles at I have a request to add "category" to the response along with title/content .Also If we could get articles by category, it would be so helpful !
This is pretty cool! : )