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Geeking out right now. I've been waiting for this update for what feels like forever! I'm a member of Spotify's beta group (Soundwave, soon to be retired 😢) and eliminating Flash was my #1 recommendation / complaint with the music sharing process on Spotify. So pumped to see my ideas + opinions turn into real changes + features!
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@katesegrin this is awesome I wanna be in the beta testing group? ☺️
You can no longer queue up songs, which I'd consider to be a pretty fundamental feature of a music player. I don't understand why Spotify keep regressing their various clients.
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@benkingntu Less is more? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@benkingntu "MVP"? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not working. I still get a message saying "Please enable flash to use the Spotify web player"
@ibaard It is in beta, so I guess it's only available for select accounts. For others, it is simply a launcher to their desktop app.
I can't believe flash player is now being replaced 😱
Finally!! I say: good riddance. Glad to see the old Flasher going to sleep with the fishes. If only the web player can be just what it's supposed to be: a web player, and not an app launcher. Can't be too hard to implement, right?