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I'm sorry, but the way these paid plans are differentiated is a first-class lesson in how NOT to price your subscription product - it's clearly driven from the business model side, rather than from the USER. How is a user supposed to differentiate between "120M+ tracks" and "150M+ tracks"?! Are those 30M tracks ones I might want to listen to? Do they represent the majority of big-label pop music? Who knows! /rant. if anyone wants to read more, I wrote up some research and thoughts a couple of weeks back in this piece:
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@mr_ed My initial thought on that is that the 30M tracks are the ones that you otherwise only get to listen 30sec to? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@mr_ed Good point. What if I have to listen to just those 30M songs. Is there any plan for that? Maybe they did this because they just wanted to do something to counter Spotify. Also, liked your article. I wrote this comment as I was listening to Tiesto's remix, on SoundCloud.
@mr_ed fair criticism, but if you use SoundCloud you'll clearly see that all tracks that are available in the SoundCloud Go+ plan are clearly marked as Go+ tracks, and available as 30s previews in SoundCloud / SoundCloud Go. One of the key rationale, from a user perspective, is around transparency AND keeping the social viral loop going, i.e. no dead end for any track you share, whether only in SoundCloud Go+ or not. Be sure, we think a lot about users. I hope your fast judgment will appreciate this answer
@sylvain_grande appreciate the response, Sylvain. I use and [want to] love SoundCloud - my frustrations are from both a user and Product perspective. I understand the angle of transparency here, not wanting to wall-off content completely. It's frustrating though, when in the flow of my feed, only to be interrupted by a 30s preview. The differentiation on number of tracks available relies on the context of having seen the *actual* content that's restricted to the Go+ plan. On the pricing page alone, it's meaningless. As an idea, what about actually showcasing the great artists and music available in the Pro+ tracks, either on this page or elsewhere? I wish you success with the launch!
@mr_ed I can appreciate your point, but our users are listeners AND creators AND rightsholders, as we are a platform to host the creations done by artists. Offering them flexibility on how they want to manage their content is also part of the product philosophy. I appreciate your follow up and you point. We'll be sure to improve further.
The new SoundCloud Go plan marks a music industry first by offering a fully on-demand, mid-priced music streaming subscription. SoundCloud Go lets listeners discover, stream and share a constantly expanding mix of more than 120 million tracks from established and emerging artists, offline and ad-free for $4.99 per month (US pricing on web and Android, please check on for relevant pricing in your territory). SoundCloud Go+, formerly known as SoundCloud Go, is SoundCloud’s premium subscription offering which gives subscribers full access to more than 150 million tracks, ad-free, offline with no previews for $9.99 per month.
"Free....for *$4.99"
@markus_schuette ..more like free.99$ 🎶🎶
honestly Soundcloud was really great but there's just way too much garbage on it as well. Hard to convince people to pay for the service with Spotify or Apple Music out there. Still think Apple should acquire Soundcloud and gain a competitive advantage by shedding some spotlight on basement musicians
Introduction of a new mid-priced plan which becomes the New SoundCloud Go and the premium subscription becomes SoundCloud Go+