We created Neverthink because we missed the ease of just turning on a TV and wanted to have the same lean-back experience just with the content we love from the Internet.

We hope you love it as much as we do! <3

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out Neverthink and hopefully up-voting 😅 Neverthink actually started here on ProductHunt in late 2016, when we posted a small web project of ours that we never could of imagined that would turn into a company, but some investors who saw it here thought otherwise :) We are now a team of 15 people who watch YouTube all day (and program a bit), have users from over 160 countries and millions of video views per month and today we are excited to finally be out on Android! This all happens thanks to your continuous support! Thank you so much from the whole team ❤️
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The Memes channel is my window into internet culture. At first I got very little of it, now I'm starting to appreciate the art form and the humour of it.


- time well spent: watching instead of browsing

- quality content: watching full videos instead of skipping over

- discovering and learning


- major timesink

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What a journey! Amazing stuff Aviv and team :)
@rahulr047 Thank's Rahul and we will definitely need to hook you up with that hoodie ! Our first ever Neverthink user up here 👆
Dude... Yes. I've used Findie and Nameless.Tv in the past and they just didn't cut it (Im kind of mad I didn't come up with that name for one of my projects.. its honestly genius) Connect with me on twitter/dailybreaddd #alwaysplug (;
@cellus_christie Will do, thanks man!
Sounds like the worst procrastination tool ever :P But I completely understand the use case and why you would build it. Is there an "Education" / "Talk" channel? I'd like to learn new things instead of just watching cat videos
@yannschaub Learn Something is actually one of our most popular channels: https://neverthink.tv/learn-some... also theres Discover, Documentaries and more :)
Hey @yannschaub you might also enjoy our "Talks" channel! 😊 https://neverthink.tv/talks