Real-time email verification and email cleaning services

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This looks super cool. If it stops me from ever seeing another signup from, it's a winner.
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@jakeapeters Looks like you have not used the email verification for your site yet. May I suggest you to use with same features and one line integration on your client side. No need of writing and maintaining API integration code.
@sandeepkumar wait, you literally just tried signing up for HelpDocs with as your email address?! Despite the fact that I said that was amazingly irritating. And now you’re here asking me to give you money? 😠 💰 You should probably find somewhere else to promote your product, not on a competitor’s PH page.
Hello everyone! I head up the Business Development team here at NeverBounce and we’re excited that we’re being featured to all of you today. Our real-time email verification platform has helped over 17,000 clients around the world in cleaning their email lists to remove hard bounces and increase overall deliverability. Whether you choose to upload a list using our dashboard or integrate our API for bulk and single entry verification, we’re ready to provide the very best in accuracy, speed, and support. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have for us today.
hey guys it looks good but also very expensive (on average twice the competition). What justifies your price? Thanks
@mnlfrgr Great question and thanks for the kind words. The organizations that we support in their data cleaning needs require the highest level of accuracy, support, and security/privacy of their data (such as European data compliance). Through client and internal research, providers at substantially lower costs offer a service that lacks in accuracy at a rate of between 10-30% in most cases. We understand that for legitimate businesses, an email marked incorrectly as “invalid” is a lost customer, and we take this very seriously. Companies requiring the utmost integrity of their results and data compliance should only consider several providers for email verification. Companies that we consider competitors include BriteVerify and - we would highly recommend testing any of these providers to see the differences NeverBounce provides first-hand. Our team is based in Cleveland, Ohio with nearly 10 years collectively working together - available by phone, email, and live chat.
@mnlfrgr NeverBounce is one of the best in business by accuracy and number integration it provides. Yes, price is slightly on the higher side but not twice. And NeverBounce is only one bulk email verifier that offers 20% and 30% discount on its regular prices to non-profits and start-ups respective. Here is more detailed anlaysis of NeverBounce
Used it many times already and can truly recommend them.
Thank you, i badly need this one, SES kicked me so many times for bouncing
@adalquardz Sorry to hear this and glad to provide a solution! We were a digital agency for nearly 8 years prior to starting NeverBounce and we, too, had issues with SES among other providers in combatting bounce rates - we absolutely understand the frustration. NeverBounce was built as a direct result from issues like yours. Please reach out to us any time for a free test! Cheers