NEN is a chrome extension that improves the Netflix experience for power users. It's features include:

Automatically skip intros

Automatically play the next episode

Skip the popups that ask if you're "Still here?" after 8 hours

Search all of Netflix's genre's

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I didn't make this app, but after looking at the comments it seems like some people don't understand what it really does. On Netflix, you actually have to click the "Skip Intro" or "Play Next" buttons, but this app will automatically perform those actions whenever possible. While very simple, it might be a nice add-on for people who want to binge-watch.
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I like how you’ve categorised this as a ‘productivity’ app
This is a useless app since you can already do this on Netflix. There's also no way to monetize this.
@delwilliams god, negative much? Sad if everything you do has to make money...
@delwilliams please click the link and read the description before commenting, you clearly just rushed your comments without checking what it does which can’t be already done with Netflix.
@delwilliams @rrhoover Feature request: downvote please :D
I have installed this app, but I am not very sure how to use it. How do I activate it, @jonluca? 🤔
@arunsathiya When you click the logo in the Chrome top bar, does the options page show up?
@jonluca So, I have an update. Sorry I forgot to mention it here. It works fine. I had to play a bunch of videos to notice this happening. 😊 Thanks for this extension!
Netflix already does this natively. Have I missed something?
@mickc79 it's not negative to tell the truth that you can already do this on Netflix itself. As for the money aspect, tell that to an investor.
@delwilliams Hi Del I think you have me confused with someone else. I didn't mention anything about negativity or money.
@mickc79 that was for Joey.
@mickc79 I got blasted for saying that. Apparently it's negative to tell the facts.
@delwilliams Ah ok, You've tagged me in it. Well I agree that I don't personally understand the point of this app, but maybe there are use cases I'm not aware of?