The wearable that translates thought into action

Every thought, feeling, and movement starts in your brain.
Neurosity builds thought-powered devices that allow you to communicate and understand you.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Notion is the result of a unified vision to empower minds by myself and Alex Castillo Read about how here: Alex and I became friends in early 2016 when we began working on open source bio-sensor drivers and visualizers. I was quietly working on machine learning for brainwave data. For the next couple years I programmed and programmed to start building adaptive software that learns the users unique biosignatures. In 2017 I tried to demo think to scroll on stage in front of hundreds but the bluetooth crashed and lost connection to the brain computer interface. That was the moment I knew we had to move the processing to the headset. Alex and I would go on to found Neurosity in 2018 and now launch the Notion.
A new platform coming soon: 8 Channel-electrode and an open source API that empowers you to create new experiences driven by thought.
The power to know and understand your thoughts can be liberating and unleashing.
Having tried it before the announcement, the accuracy of the product is super awesome. I was *genuinely* shocked at how well it works. As a developer, I'm also incredibly excited to build out some projects on top of it and ship them as free/OSS projects that use the Notion APIs for others to use and build off of.