Ace your exams. Retain your knowledge.

NeuraCache + Evernote lets you:
(Notion, OneNote, Kindle integrations soon)
✅Turn your notebooks instantly into decks of flashcards
✅Attach spaced repetition to any note
✅Create flashcards via Web Clipper
✅Study by Notebook/Tag
✅Generate wallpapers
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1 Review5.0/5
Amazing 🔥 Gorgeous UI and exactly what I needed. Looks wayyy better than Anki and I loved it integrates tes with my favorite note taking app Will be testing this for upcoming finals week :)
@antonio_dmya Thanks Antonio! Let me know how it works for you and if anything is missing or needs tweaking :) and good luck with your finals!
Hello! 👋 My name is Marcin. I'm an indie hacker behind NeuraCache 😅 I've been building this little tool for the last couple of months to solve my frustration with the ever-growing digital brain (Evernote) and no easy way of reviewing it quickly for a given context. Like "refresh knowledge about a book I read a year ago" or "Review all insights around a specific tag" or "study notes for an exam." I've also supercharged Evernote Web Clipper. So that whenever you are reading an article online, you can highlight, add active recall question and start spaced repetition without leaving your browser (see video). I'd love to get feedback and answer questions from you!