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Hey hunters - We’re building Neue Store to give apps better discovery and give people better ways to get cool apps. **50% of all membership fees this week will be donated to the ACLU.** Medium post is here: I started this after leaving where I led the product team. Our apps were listed in Best Apps of the Year from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. I’ve since spent the last 2 years watching great apps struggle to be found and I’ve been trying to help them any way I could. I built app marketing tools, advertising platforms, and redesigned entire apps (for free) to help them, but the bigger problems became clear; the App Stores have mounting problems and aren’t built to make app developers succeed. I knew I could build something better. Here’s what’s next for Neue Store; in the next few months we want to launch our Reviews and Ratings product and be Rotten Tomatoes for Apps. We believe reviews from credible, verified reviewers would be much more helpful for apps and consumers alike. After this, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for more tools to help apps and app consumers, including support for Android and VR apps. It is with constant improvements, feedback from developers, and a superior store experience that we hope to build a better App Store altogether. Follow us @NeueStore on Twitter. Happy to chat here and thank you! Jake
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@frey @neuestore I do think the app store is pretty useless in getting me to discover any apps - and thats part of my job! Nice idea here :)
@bentossell can i kiss u
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@frey @neuestore Cool! That's a pretty novel idea. Usually, if your app fails on the app store experts will agree it's because of how you marketed the app, so I find it interesting that you find the problem is in the app store itself.
@ghiliweld It's probably much easier for Apple to say that the lack of your apps success is your fault than it is for them to make the App Store better. I think this is largely because no one is challenging them. We plan to change that.
@frey nice idea but so far I couldn't see the magic, and by time when you have more apps listed how you will improve the discoverability? what is your search engine tricks that will help somebody looking for an app?
But is it pronounced "noy-ya" or "new"??
Catsensus. You know how much we love cat puns, @frey.
@rrhoover did you spot the easter egg in the medium post though
Very clean! Congrats on the launch, @frey! How has it been working for the current featured apps? Seeing a lot of return?
@joseph thank you! It's been pretty wild so far, especially today. In general, people dig the SMS feature and Apps dig promoting in a place where people download apps.
We had a Twitter exchange about the woeful iMessage App Store a few weeks back. Glad to see Neue Store here on Product Hunt!
@dubyaemdee here's a message from one of our customers - "Love the idea, especially since you need GPS, 2 sherpas and a bloodhound just to find the iMessage App Store."