Tinder for business networking

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Brian Ma
@zealoustiger · Founder, Weave.in
I get at least an email a day forwarded to me to check it out so I've definitely played with it. :) Very similar, when I tried it they had issues matching (my team all swiped connect on each other and didn't match). Also think it's sub-optimal that a match just connects you on LinkedIn, there's something not right about that since I try to keep all my Lin… See more
★ Karan Goel ☂
@karangoel · Engineer @ Google
Same concept as Weave but I like the design.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
cc'ing Weave's @zealoustiger. Also similar to CoffeeMe (cc @hsukenooi). Have you tried this yet, @TheNickFrost?
Nick Frost
@thinker · Newsletter Editor/Marketing @ Mattermark
@rrhoover Yeah, I've tried it. Still pretty early, but I think it's an interesting way to quickly sift through your network(s) with Tinder-style sorting. It presents connections in your LinkedIn network, as well others that you may be interested in connecting with.