Netflix VR

Like you're in your living room... but you're not.

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This has been here for a while, at least on the Gear. And it is a bit disappointing, especially as other actors of VR have done way better traditional-film-viewing-in-VR experiences than Netflix. I'm thinking of OCS here in France, which fills the room with decoration based on the series you are watching : if you watch Game of Thrones, you'll have a Castle Black-like scenery around you. Canal+ has done it as well, and lets you play your own content in a giant cinema theater. But as far as these experiences can go, they will always feel a bit off base as the resolution kind of ruins it. For now at least, watching the movie on your TV, or computer, is better. In the same way that a play is better to see live, than on TV.
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@josselinco I prefer this to computer watching, myself. YouTube vr is probably my most used vr app but maybe I'm the odd one out haha.
@thatmattgardner @josselinco same. I only watch movies/TV shows in VR now, it's like your own personal IMAX theater. I like Oculus Theater better than Netflix VR tho
@josselinco OCS sounds Superrrr interesting. Can you link to it? Would love to try 🙇
@nivo0o0 watches movies in VR. I've tried it before. It's oddly quiet immersive.
@rrhoover the ONLY time I watch Netflix outside of VR these days is when I need to eat non-Soylent things
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I was skeptical at first as I really like the non-grounded way youtube vr works, you're in an empty room and can adjust the screen how you like without changing your perception of where the floor is. Netflix went with the room motif, meaning you can't adjust screen location for risk of nausea (gravity not matching vision isn't good). After watching stand up for about an hour after I posted this, I really like the room though. It's very immersion, especially if you're on a couch and they get the viewing angle right for comfort. Secret controls/experience if you look up at the chandelier and click it. Takes you more into an unpolished youtube vr-like experience. I hope they develop that more for when I want to lie down and watch without looking straight into the horizon. Other feature that's needed is offline viewing/viewing ya downloaded content. Getting closer to that dream of watching Netflix in VR on the plane that I mentioned when offline videos were launched a couple weeks back! Interesting to note I think this is a good showpiece app for daydream, I'm going to use it to demo the headset to friends for sure and I'd probably shell out a couple bucks for other rooms to watch in for that purpose.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god 😍
What happens if I put them on in my living room?...