Netflix VR

Like you're in your living room... but you're not.

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Josselin Colletta
@josselinco · French student & soon-to-be VR maker
This has been here for a while, at least on the Gear. And it is a bit disappointing, especially as other actors of VR have done way better traditional-film-viewing-in-VR experiences than Netflix. I'm thinking of OCS here in France, which fills the room with decoration based on the series you are watching : if you watch Game of Thrones, you'll have a Castle... Show More
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@nivo0o0 watches movies in VR. I've tried it before. It's oddly quiet immersive.
Matt Gardner
@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
I was skeptical at first as I really like the non-grounded way youtube vr works, you're in an empty room and can adjust the screen how you like without changing your perception of where the floor is. Netflix went with the room motif, meaning you can't adjust screen location for risk of nausea (gravity not matching vision isn't good). After watching stand up... Show More
Manuel Frigerio
@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god 😍
Ludo De Angelis
@ludodeangelis · Blogger at Zero to Digital Nomad
What happens if I put them on in my living room?...
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