Netflix Anonymous

Track how much time you spend watching Netflix 🎥

Netflix Anonymous is a chrome extension which will let you see how much time you spend watching Netflix. It will add a timer to the bottom right of the screen to show how much time you have spent today and you can also view a report for each day.

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Hey Makers and Hunters! Made this for a bit of fun and I was genuinely curious how much time I was 'wasting' 😉 Hope you like it and let me know your feedback
@jamesfall_ceo I've wanted something like this for a while and now it's hear I'm afraid! I'm not sure I really want to know haha...😅 I'll try it as an experiment and keep ya posted/
I watch Netflix primarily on my smart TV. Too bad there's no way to track usage beyond the browser. 🤔
@rrhoover It's not super easy, but not impossible. You can export your entire watched history as a CSV file with a timestamp and what episode. You just need an external API to get the runtime for that show.
@martijnoud ahh, I didn't realize that was possible. Nice tip.
@martijnoud @rrhoover this approach has its limitations. If you re-watch the same episode, it only returns the latest viewing. So the maximum it will return is the runtime of the show (if your latest viewing was to completion of the episode) rather than the cumulative times you actually watched it.
@rrhoover @martijnoud I played with it a bit. I used the imdb open data. Its not easy to separate the names and then search in that big dataset. It's not a one afternoon project at least. I think if I would use Lucene or some kind of freetext search tool maybe I would ended more closer to the expected result... If sb interestend in this just ping me 😄
love this and the fact i can now monitor my kids :-)