NES Cartridge Flasks

Flasks disguised to look like NES cartridges e.g. Drunk Hunt

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Do you have the blow on the bottom of it to get the booze out? ;)
@threadyblock I've nearly passed out so many times doing that. EDIT: to clarify, I'm referring to blowing into an NES cartridge. I drink responsibly. ๐Ÿ˜„
I'm partial to retro games (and nostalgia) and know of a few people that would love this (hi, @gianorama and @SeanaLyn!).
@gianorama @SeanaLyn @rrhoover I'm partial to any way that we can combine retro games with drinking. Coming soon: the Super Mario cocktail shaker
I bought a retro-inspired flask for a friend last year that was just a vinyl decal on a standard cheap metal flask. A cool gift but nothing special. These, on the other hand, are impressive! & the puns & custom artwork are something special :)