Nerv Shots

A healthy source of focus and stress relief in a small drink

Nerv Shots are small drinks formulated to help manage anxiety and stress, and improve focus.

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Marketing something with phenibut can't lead to good things...
@boxivine Hi Andy, phenibut is a powerful tool for the management of stress and anxiety which has mostly been marketed in pill and powder form which we have found to be less than ideal for a number of reasons. As a neuroscientist, I am a huge proponent of carefully formulated products which prioritize safety and pharmacology. This is why I created Nerv which comes in small 2oz bottles that are intuitive to use and was formulated to help manage occasional stress and anxiety from things such as school, work, or romance.
Hey @callum_alexander, @graeme_warring, @drmichaeljiang, Can you tell us more about how this works? How does it differ from Nootropics?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, Nerv works by helping to balance brain activity in the amygdala which is the center for stress and anxiety. Nerv differs from Nootropics which are typically thought of as memory or cognitive enhancing drugs as it does not directly alter memory function or general cognition. I think of Nerv as something to help manage unwanted stress allowing us to function as our best selves rather than enhancing us in some way as to change who we are.
Has it got any contraindications?