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First AI-powered tutor bot for Facebook Messenger

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@nikitakorotaev thanks for hunting us! Hello, Product Hunters! It’s Alex, the Founder of Nerdify Bot. Thank you for your upvotes, comments, and support. I’m really happy that Nerdify Bot is now on Product Hunt. Why have we decided to create the Nerdify Bot? We have noticed that everybody is thinking how to teach the AI, so we decided to work on ways of using AI to teach people. Nerdify Bot is our first step in this direction and we hope that soon it becomes #1 Chatbot in educational space. What is Nerdify Bot? Let me give you an example. Imagine having a friend on Facebook who is always online whenever you get stuck on something. Even if it’s at 3 AM. Even if it’s a silly question like “What’s the capital of Minnesota?” or “How to plot 2x^3+8x-1?”. Nerdify Bot is that friend who will reply in the matter of seconds. Here is just a short list of things Nerdify Bot can do: - Finding info and dates of the historical events - Solving equations - Plotting graphs - Looking up definitions - And much much more In case you have any questions or suggestions email them to our Product Manager Helen and she will get back to you within a day. Or just post here ;)
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Awesome tip for Android users - you can pin Nerdify Bot Facebook chat to your home screen and you will always have our bot at hand ;) Here is how it works:
@helen_clark thanks for this great tip! Nerdify Bot is already on my homescreen! :)
@helen_clark good one Helen!
@shmatkov_mykola I'm really happy you liked our bot!
This is very cool and it is coming from a good friend @alexeypokatilo who has been involved in various educational projects for the past 7 years. The execution is great and I know that the early feedback is very positive. Oh, how I envy the students of today. 🙃🎓
@nikitakorotaev Thanks Nikita! Working hard to make the education landscape completely different in 5-10 years ;)
That looks like a helpful tool, Wish I had it while in college. Can you share how is it actually powered? Most of the questions I asked pretty accurate answers - what's the magic behind?
@alex_ka1 Hey, thanks for the comments and a question. It powered by a combination of open source and proprietary NLP engines as well as some machine learning tech to ensure we get most of the questions even if they are phrased in a casual way!
@alexeypokatilo sounds impressive. Keep it up! machine learning and NLP are indeed the future.
Wow, seems to be useful! Can you pls tell more about how it works - how much does student pay to get this instant help and etc.? Also it's interesting to know whether this bot is able to learn and delevop itself depending on the customer's info it gets?
@pavlyshyna Thanks for asking. Currently its absolutely FREE! For now its super important for us to prove the important of personal tutoring and instant help for the performance is schools and colleges. With time people will be able to pay for premium features as well. As to learning, the bot learns and improves as more and more people interact with it. Its not about getting more personalised for each student its about getting generally smarter for everyone!
@alexeypokatilo thanks, that's nice of you to explain so precisely