Neonto Google Sheets plugin

Make dynamic mobile apps visually w/ Google Sheets & Neonto

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Hi, this is Antti from Neonto. Feel free to ask any questions about Neonto and Google Sheets. We've also published Sketch plugin which was seen last week at
Google Sheets is a ridiculously easy way to handle these scenarios, It's true :-) this is actually more useful then most would think, It does help a lot actually. :) Thanks for a great product ^^ Innovation! who dosent love that ?
@mollyisyou Thanks for the kudos! It's dead simple to create sheet full of mockup imgs and other stuff and reuse it between prototypes. You can also use Zapier or similar to fetch some real life data from other sources to Sheets.
@sihlmania I did not know you could use Zapier, Now i know! I see a big future for this product. Amazing work :) thanks Mate ;)
Clever product. Will google sheets work productivly? I don't know google sheets quota, but do you know any sizeing figures? Is there any way to let the end user use their own google sheets, like a "bring your own backend"?