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For the record, @rogie is real life famous :)
Hey @rrhoover! I was a huge collector growing up and learned a ton about the world through collecting coins, rocks, shells, comic books, and the list goes on. My mom was also a community college art teacher and I went to tons of museums my whole life, so I have a deep appreciation for art and collectibles. I started NeonMob both for collectors and people who create original media. Digital media is in its infancy in terms of it being a collectible thing. Creators are also looking for ways to monetize and a lot of times struggling to do so. Collecting is really one of the few areas that is stuck in the pre-web era, and we think there's not a very good reason for that which is why we're doing something about it! When I met @rogie in early 2012, I found not only an amazing designer + developer, but another fellow collecting lover. So we teamed up... and our team has pretty much evolved in an organic way since then. Now we're nine full-time people working on making the web a place for artists to create and make money off selling collectibles and a place for collectors to find original, fun, immensely collectible, limited-edition stuff. That's the origin of NeonMob in a brief nutshell. Product Hunt is very cool, by the way! :)
Created by @MikeDuca and designed by @rogie (Dribbble famous). It has a beautiful UI, a smart 'limited edition' marketplace hook and creates an overall fun experience (trading). I do wonder how they could kick-start their growth more (it's been online since '12)? Seems @chrismessina had a go at it:
I like the idea of building community and social interaction through art. @jrlevine is doing some creative things in this area with Electric Objects (anticipating the arrival of the prototype I ordered last week!)
@yvoschaap thanks for posting our site! NeonMob has a dedicated community of really avid collectors — a lot of our community came on at the beginning and continues to collect every day! We absolutely are focusing on user growth right now — since '12 we've had to focus on paying off some tech debt, but our team is growing and we're aiming at focus on the right things, but we'd love to hear any thoughts around kick-starting our growth!