Cyberpunk filters for your photos & videos

Inspired by sci-fi, neon-noir and cyberpunk, Neongraf helps you capture the beauty of night through photos or videos.
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I think it would be a smart move to show here and on the AppStore a before/after picture. Looks great tho!
@merrillhefdy Agreed. The thing with this type of app usually is, that the source material completely dictates the outcome. Sure if you take pictures of Tokyo on a rainy day, it's gonna look like a cyberpunk picture with basically any filter. But it's not gonna turn any city picture into some cyberpunk cityscape. My guess it, it just adds a bit of pink/blue color grading, increases saturation a bit, and applies a LUT curve to increase the richness of the blacks and brightness of the whites.
@merrillhefdy @garetmckinley Thank you for your opinion.
@andsnw Only an iOS app ver.
Oooo, this is cool. @NikkiElizDemere, check it out.