Needl Analytics

Analytics as automated insights

Needl Analytics is a Virtual Web Analyst tool delivering instant automated analysis of your google analytics data.

  • Jim Murray Jones
    Jim Murray JonesDigital Director, Newsquest

    Saves time and creates actionable recommendations based on the key issues impacting web site conversion rate.


    I haven't looked at mobile push notifications yet. I'm sure its there, but if not its something that would no doubt prove beneficial.

    I used Needl to help understand factors impacting conversion rate on a classified automotive platform. The insights directly helped shape keyword buying and content strategies. It's ability to home in on supply and demand attributes also helps inform the sales process - providing real time examples of user demand.

  • C Byrne
    C ByrneNo commodity fetishist

    quick insights


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Hi everyone. My name is Andrew Dempsey and along with some colleagues, we have built Needl, our Virtual Analyst tool for anyone using Google Analytics with 'Goals or eCommerce' tracking. 2 years ago, our web analyst, ‘Rickard’ became frustrated with the amount of time he had to devote to just the mundane task of segmenting the google analytics dimensions to find the needle in the haystack. Leaving too little time to come up with solutions, ie. the fun creative bit. So, we thought it would be worth the effort to create an automated analytics tool that made it easy for both novice and experienced users to run super fast segment analysis and find the segments with the best ROI potential (the needle in the haystack, that is). Well that was 2 years ago. Now, after blood, sweat, tears and huge amount of hours, we are here. Needl is free in this beta form and we would love to answer your questions and hear your experiences using Needl. Nb: You will need goals set or have eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics to use Needl. We only identify statistically significant segments in your data, so best to select goals with reasonable numbers of goal completions.
It saves so much time, offers very direct recommendations. It is primarily built upon three ingredients to increase revenue: sessions * aov * cvr. And that's about it. Loving the platform!
@cora_lanting Thanks Cora for supporting us.
VAT number is required field? I'm only want to test your beta...
@stepan_velichko Hi. the neta is free and the vat number is optional. We will remove it as i can see its confusing.
@needlandrew that's strange, because when I trying to sign up I receive a message with text about required field VAT number. Maybe just a small bug.
@stepan_velichko we are on the case...thanks for spotting this. You should be able to sign up no problem, just ignore it for now until we blast it off the interface
@stepan_velichko Fixed. Vat number has been hidden from the sign up. Thanks for the tip