Curated Shopping for Men

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I really like the design of their website: the colours, the pictures.. I also think it's a good idea to organize it as a "magazine".
I like the idea that it's curated monthly. not overwhelming.
So many online options for women and so few good ones for men. Also check out
@jtriest BRAINDiD got a lotta love on PH a few months back. @arush shared their results in How we generated $13k of sales in 24hrs through Product Hunt
@rrhoover nice! totally love what they're doing. now to get them to launch in Detroit...
@rrhoover I just clicked through and spent about 30 minutes on brandid — was far and away the best online shopping experience I've ever had, kind of blown away actually.
@jessepollak Ha! thanks guys! @jtriest @rrhoover ! we'll ask our personal shoppers to sign up to Need :)
@arush we'll have our people sign-up for BRANDiD, too!
Thanks for the interest! Let me know if you have any questions about Need. Happy to answer!
@mattalexand Hey Matt! Please tell us more about the story behind Need. How did you get the idea?
@gregoiregilbert In late-2012, I was approached to work with a fairly prominent menswear startup in the US. I loved their user experience, but their business model was predicated upon amassing users, with little-to-no focus on sustainability or longevity. As such, price-points were becoming prohibitively high and the experience was slipping. So, as someone who cared about the men's fashion world and about well-written journalism, I decided I wanted to combine the two. Rather than selling hundreds of products, we'd only sell a handful. And, looking to the issues I had with other companies in the space, I felt there were some obvious avenues to address a male customer's shopping experience. The result would be something sustainable, relevant, and useful. The business model would be profitable, we'd only send one email per month, and we'd just remove ourselves from the vicious fight for customer attention. At the end of the day, it's not a zero sum game. The menswear industry is worth $130 billion. And yet, men still hate to shop. So, it can survive a few people experimenting in the space! For me, it became a question of how I could address that whilst supporting photographers, brands, and writers in a reliable and ongoing manner.