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Mahdi YusufHunter@myusuf3 · CTO, Gyroscope
Hi -- I am the creator of Neckbeard Republic. Last year it was a paid service with weekly screencasts, commitments on my time and overall opportunity cost (although quite profitable) of running a screen casting site has caused me to make all the videos free! I will continue to screencast from time to time as the mood strikes. If you have any questions about screencasting or producing media! Let's chat!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Thanks for opening them up for free, @myusuf3! And epic name. :) Can you share how many (previously) paying subscribers you had and how you marketed the screencasts?
Mahdi YusufHunter@myusuf3 · CTO, Gyroscope
We also have an iOS apps too.
Mahdi YusufHunter@myusuf3 · CTO, Gyroscope
I definitely can @rrhoover nothing too specific though. We were in the 200s in terms of subscribers, but doing this part time was quite difficult and keeping the site growing was becoming more of a full time task. I also run a weekly Python Newsletter ( so it was easy to get the product in front of interested parties which is critical. Also releasing topical timely free screencasts does very well too. Marketing was an interesting experiment and was one of the learning goals I had when I initially thought up the site. 1. What would people pay for? 2. Keeping users subscribed? 3. Acquiring new customers? 4.. Understand the human buying psyche. Collect a person's email if you can regardless of them paying or not. Gives you a point of contact and opportunity to convert in the future. Some awesome takeaways - Drip emails work. - Conversion rate was huge compared to releasing new free content which generated a lot of brand awareness but little conversion. - Ask for feedback, three months in I found out people weren't aware it was a paid service although paid was everywhere. (Site flow issues) - is priceless for gauging user engagement and activity you can find out people who use or watch your service daily (expensive) so if you can code you make quite quickly yourself. I can drill down further if people have more questions.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@myusuf3 - thanks for sharing! Good tips here. Big fan of Intercom as well.