Nebular 4

UI kit & Design System for web with light/dark mode support

#4 Product of the DayJune 04, 2019
Nebular is an Angular 8 UI Library with a focus on beautiful design and ability to adapt it to your brand easily. It comes with 4 stunning visual themes, a powerful theming engine with runtime theme switching and support of custom css properties mode.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hello PH community! We are really happy to finally release what we've been working for almost a year. Nebular 4 is a mature UI kit for Angular, that helps you to add light and dark mode support with ease. It is also based on Eva Design System that comes out this July. Creating your custom Design System with implementations on different platforms is becoming easier than ever! Happy to hear your feedback!
@vladimir_lugovsky that's really impressive, you guys makes developers life easier and organised with structured/documented code and beautiful designed components. The best way to get start with πŸ”
Thanks, @angelo_libero_mangieri! We really appreciate such a warm feedback!

see pros )


Nice docs + clear and cleen code, easy to read sources if you need



Congrats @vladimir_lugovsky You've done great work!
Congrats !! Looks very nice