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I was very dubious about this but I've just been through the site and it seems legit enough.
@angus_halen Hi Angus, what made you feel this way?
@bdavid24 your focus on privacy, and the transparency behind why it's free and the fact that it's backed by a bigger company. If you didn't mention that I'd be thinking... how can this be free - ergo... something dodgy is going on here.
@angus_halen Ok, thanks for your feedback!
The problem with this kind of product is when they shut it down — you lose access to a number of services because you don't own the email domain. The past has tales about this: https://www.quora.com/What-is-th...
@caffo Well we don't plan to shut the service down, but like you say it happens even to very big companies (Google: https://didgoogleshutdown.com, Facebook: Parse...). All I can tell is that if we do, one day, we'll give enough time to people to update their accounts with another email address and the possibility to export all their data. That said, your link is very interesting. I can see a few differences between nBox and OtherInbox: - We don't need nBox to make a living, so exponential growth is not a requirement - They spent a year developing their product, nBox is very likely far simpler - With the browser extensions, we tried to make the experience seamless - Our product is more complementary to Gmail and others thanks to the webpush notifications (you don't need to remember to check two inboxes) - They started almost 10 years ago, the context was not the same I'm not saying that's better or worse, just that we might not face the same challenges. The good sign is that we (all the makers) use our own service on a daily basis and each time it feels really nice knowing that we control who owns our data.
@bdavid24 Thanks for your reply.
Mobile version!?
@hgottfried Address generation works on mobile. Notifications work on chrome for android. Extensions are not supported on mobile. We plan to complete depending on what users ask.