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The Teamwork assistant — run great meetings without busywork

#5 Product of the DayJune 18, 2019
The secret to well-run meetings isn't a secret at all, it's just a lot of work — the kind that often slips through the cracks when teams are busy. Navigator helps teams run meaningful, effective meetings using best practices honed at places like Apple and IDEO
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Hi my name is Gentry — I’m part of the team who built Mailbox a few years back. We’re based in San Francisco and recently invented a teamwork assistant called Navigator that helps people run meetings that are meaningful and effective. For many, meetings are painful, expensive wastes of time. And yet they’re the highest-bandwidth form of communication that exists. Meetings can be exceedingly powerful when they’re well-run. Running great meetings takes a lot of work, though — work that many busy leaders just don’t have time for. Navigator takes on the busywork and does it in proven-effective ways. Navigator reaches out to attendees before a meeting (over Slack and email), collects meeting topics and organizes them into clear, goal-driven agendas. It can suggest topics to help managers lead useful 1-on-1s. It keeps track of meeting notes and action items. It even checks in with people after meetings to see how it's going with whatever they agreed to do. It's early days, but we’ve been running Navigator quietly in 50 teams for the last year or so and are really encouraged by the transformations that our early testers are reporting. So starting today, we’d like to invite anyone who is interested to try Navigator with their meetings for free (we hope to add paid plans later this year). We’re really excited to introduce Navigator to the world and to help it learn from all of you. Please let us, and Navigator, know what you think — thanks! P.S. And if you want to learn more about what we’re up to and why, the full backstory is here. ☺️✨
Looking forward to trying this with the Product Hunt team. Meetings can be one of the most productive or wasteful activities inside a company.
Authentic, intuitive and .. a breath of fresh air. I'm inspired by you Navigator
Amazing work! I’m an active user.
If this isn't the top item on PH for the week, something in the algo is busted 😅