Nanit Baby Monitor

Smart baby monitor that tracks sleep using computer vision

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This product has completely changed the game for me and my wife. Our 2 year old has been a beta tester and it transformed not only his sleep, but also ours. The analytics are incredible and opened our eyes to insights about his sleep that we never knew existed. LOVE nanit!
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@aholidayiii Thanks Aaron! Your family has been so helpful throughout the beta testing process and we're thrilled that Nanit has helped you understand and improve your little one's sleep, and get some more of your own. :)
@aholidayiii Thanks. We really love having you guys as beta testers!
@aholidayiii How exactly did it transform your child's sleep?
Super cool product! Will really help give parents more peace of mind and understand their babies' sleeping patterns better. Sharing with my friends to add it to their baby registries.
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@adelynzhou Thanks Adelyn! This is just the start for our technology! We really appreciate your support.
I'm a new mom-to-be who lives in SF, works in tech, and is supremely paranoid and OCD about everything. Nanit sounds like a great way to collect data about our kid, and I'm sure that it appeals even more to my data-minded husband. :) As I work in security, I appreciate the end to end data encryption, the disabled two-way radio, video streaming to only authenticated devices, and the fact that Nanit is HIPPA compliant.
@marymin Thanks for the feedback!
As a new dad of a 3 month old, I have mixed feelings about this. When we came home from the hospital we put our daughter in her crib, expecting her to fall asleep for hours. Our Nest cam was ready to capture every move. Electronic thermometers were in place to measure the room's temperature. But within minutes, she was crying her head off and in our rocking arms. The following three months weren't much different. We tried many different sleeping arrangements to get her to fall asleep (e.g. Having her sleep in our arms while we took shifts staying awake, having her sleep in our bed in a safe co-sleeper, etc.). All the while, our crib, Nest cam and thermometers were gathering dust. Finally, nearly three months in, we've been able to get her in the crib where she'll sleep for a few hours at a time. But so long as we're practicing safe sleeping practices (e.g. placing her on her back), I don't feel like I need to know every single detail about her night's sleep (and we're a couple that is paranoid about safety and tends to want to know the details). That said, the product looks really well built. It's features address the main concerns I had when shopping for monitors, and I definitely would have bought it over the Nest. Perhaps it would come in handy as my daughter sleeps in her crib more now that she's comfortable with it. Regardless, kudos to the team for what looks like a beautiful product that blows the competition away!
@geoffreyweg Thanks for the comments and critique. Parenting is unique for everyone and certain features appeal to different people. We've designed a product that hopefully will provide the best user experience while also providing valuable features that certain parents want.
@geoffreyweg thanks Geoffrey for sharing your thoughts. Parenting is around exploration, finding the best for your kid. We are trying to make this exploring easier for you, so you could reach your sweet spot of your parenting style in an easier way. May I ask how eventually you succeed in putting your daughter to sleep?
Our team was loved working on this launch. The team is top notch and parents themselves. We originally got interested in Nanit because it enabled a tremendous amount of insights without the need for attaching anything to a newborn. No wearable required. Secondly the mobile app experience is really cool and provides 'co-parenting' so all modern families can be better parents and learn and communicate together.
@vijaychattha Thanks Vijay! You and your team have been fantastic to work with too!