Generates modern startup names based on multiple seed words



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Ron Levy — Entrepreneur and Product guy
Great idea and concept. Why an app and not a website? is it b/c of the ease of payment?
@ronch that's definitely one reason - easier to monetize. But websites also have so much overhead compared to apps, and it's not really a process I enjoy. Besides I'm an iOS developer by trade so it's what I do every day :)
@ronch i was about to ask the same question. it seems better suited as a website w/ a mobile side.
Tom Kelsey — Founder,
Love the name - I guess I kind of should what with the product being all about generating names!

I'll confess, I clearly didn't look at the available platform tags as I was expecting a website - that's where I'd usually go hunting for a name. I'd be curious to hear why you've opted for an app rather than a site?

At a guess, are you hooking into a third party API that limits requests by IP? I'd see why you'd pick mobile over a website in that case!

The app is a pleasure to use - looks distinctive and works smoothly. You do give me a load of names per search though and with 15 searches a day I'm not sure I'd be incentivised to upgrade to your unlimited plan. That might just be me though!
@tomwasd Ya, the pricing was very difficult to figure out. I'm still not sure I got it right. I wanted to give you enough that you understood how it worked and saw its value, but there's a very fine line between giving too much and giving too little, and I wanted to play it safe and not upset anyone. But we'll see how this does and make changes from there. I went back and forth several times between many different pricing models and this was the best I could come up with.

The algorithm is homegrown and run client side so it wasn't a rate limit decision. As for why it's a mobile app and not a site, easy, I'm an iOS developer :)
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