Generates modern startup names based on multiple seed words

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Mo Bitar
Think about it - hundreds of startups are being created every single day, while domain availability continues to diminish by the second. Your best shot at getting a good domain is to completely make up a word. Making up a word is hard though. I created namewhale to solve this problem - to help startup founders come up with a nice sounding name for their star… See more


Ron Levy
@ronch · Entrepreneur and Product guy
Great idea and concept. Why an app and not a website? is it b/c of the ease of payment?
Tom Kelsey
@tomwasd · Founder, Pedlar.co
Love the name - I guess I kind of should what with the product being all about generating names! I'll confess, I clearly didn't look at the available platform tags as I was expecting a website - that's where I'd usually go hunting for a name. I'd be curious to hear why you've opted for an app rather than a site? At a guess, are you hooking into a third par… See more
Jordan Nemrow
@nemrow · Software Engineer @ Teleborder
First off I think this is pretty sweet. But I agree with the crowd that it is better suited as a web app. People only feel the need to download an app when they are going to want it at their fingertips. This seems like more of an activity I would engage in once in a while (or possibly one off?). Also from a search prospective, this is something people will g… See more
@romanzadyrako · CEO, Tooltip.io
Good idea. It'd be cool to couple it with a domain and be able to buy it straight from namewhale.
Erik Dungan
@callmeed · Engineer @ Fame
Very cool. Added to my Startup Naming/Domain collection. Interesting to see an app in this space (I think it's a good thing). http://www.producthunt.com/@call...