See if your username is available on 100+ social networks

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@davidgosse is a great guy, hope he chimes in here
@gabeshep thanks Gabe, we should show you the new site sometime. Glad we got it done before the beaded wonder MJ left town...
In the past, I had a client who was worried about a domain name search engine we were using. Being the trusting, non-skeptical person that I usually default to, I assured them that I had been using it for years and it was fine. And then 3 of the (not clearly related) domains we had searched for magically got registered within 24 hours. The client was pretty pissed. We never did figure out if it was the site, possible malware/keytracking on someone's or maybe coincidence, but it was enough to cause me to pay attention to sites like that. I see this as a great, useful tool, but even reading through the privacy policy (which says last modified in 2009), I'm not seeing anything that would assure users that there isn't anything going on with what they enter to search for. Would they *really* care about the thousands of names entered daily? Probably not, but they certainly don't go out of their way to assure you otherwise.
@shawnmk we don't store that info Shawn. Too risky, and as you say, it's not useful to us. We will update the policy though. Whole site update coming soon. look forward to hearing what you think.
Thanks for the mention on the site! The upgrade is coming along. Here's a super small preview screenshot of the upcoming redesign.
A couple features I'd think would make this amazing: 1) Allow the user to specify which networks matter most to them, to speed up the process 2) Bulk checking - for different variations already under consideration, and then compare them based on how many/which networks are available
@jsneedles these features are in the next release. Been a long time getting it ready but we intend to do these things and a whole lot more - yest still keeping it stupid simple. Thanks JS.
So awesome to see this randomly. I designed the mobile app like 4 years ago.
@asherhunt good to hear from you Asher. There is always time for an app update. Hint, hint.