Name Shark

Remember names & faces with awesome quizzes

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LOL, I recognize the people in the attached screenshots! ๐Ÿ˜› This is a very simple but useful idea. Would be helpful for classrooms, YC batchmates, employees at large companies, etc.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. We are well practiced with the names of the Product Hunt team now. :) We made Name Shark to scratch our own itch of having to remember so many people. I hate when I see someone, and I know I like/respect them, but I just can't remember their name. Entrepreneurs have that happen often because of how many groups of people they meet. It's also really useful for teachers, students, VCs, etc. We hope Name Shark will be helpful to Product Hunters out there. At the very least, they can memorize the PH team. ;)
@rrhoover I participated in the 2014 USA Memory weakest event was names and faces. This would have been useful! Cheers!
Wonderful idea - I've always thought my brain skewed too heavily in favor of obscure facts, Star Wars trivia and Monty Python quotes... an app like this would be awesome. Now breathlessly awaiting an Android version. :)
Fun way to remember the people you meet! I've read somewhere that humans can only remember about 190 people...I can barely remember 50 off hand. Great idea!