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Naker.Form is a simple-to-use editor to make any form efficient and forlidable. Create a gamified experience of filling a form to bost (+14%) the conversion rate of your sign up/ login or contact me form.
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Hey Naker Team ! Just came across your tool. Really nice stuff. I've checked your other tools, would definitely give a try to Naker.Back for our website. The editor is easy to use, and the integration with a simple code is seamless. Keep the good work ! :) Cheers
@philippe_vanderstigel Thanks a lot :) Back and Form are the beginning of a great interactive journey!
Naker already has some tools in our Awesome Design Tools ( and I just saw they had launch a new one called Naker.Form!
Thanks a lot @lisadziuba for hunting us! Filling a form can be kind of a boring experience, yet the conversion rate of it is uppermost and crucial for any website owner. Naker.Form is a simple tool to add interaction, gamification and 3D animation to any existing form to make it formidable! 👩‍🏫How does it work? You may already have forms on your website; great news, you won't have to change them. Upload the image you want to display when the form is completed (your logo, a message, anything!) on our editor. The more your visitor will fill the form, the more the image will build itself before being revealed after validating. The gamification increase the conversion rate of your forms! 🔮Who are we? We are Naker, editor of tools used by a worldwide community of 3000+ to make the web cool again! We use powerful technologies such as WebGL and BabylonJS, we build tools to add life, immersion and interactivity to any website without a single line of code.
@make_the_web_cool_again nice to finally see you here 😉
Hey @lesnitsky ! Nice to see you again :) Almost a year after your hunted us, many things happened, thanks a gain for doing that. Would love to connect with you soon to discuss! Especially we will after work on the v2 of Naker.Story (the tool you hunted)
Amazing tool ! Can't wait to test it !!!
@leopoldine_koechlin Thanks! Can't wait to see form integrations :)