Create 3D interactive web content, no coding skills needed

#4 Product of the DayApril 17, 2019
Naker has created a 3D web design tool to allow anyone to make room for their creativity to create interactive and immersive digital experiences like never before and share it anywhere on the internet for computers, mobiles and even VR!
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Hey Guys! First, we'd like to thank @qvantor for hunting us! Valentin and I are super happy to be featured today on PH! Examples of what could be created with Naker: - Fashion: - Luxury: - Hardware tech: 🕸️The web is 30 years old already! At the beginning, having a beautiful website was enough to stand out, but CMS like wordpress or came; now 82% of the web is based on templates 📐 We are in 2019 and the web suffers from a terrible problem of infobesity 👾 An authentic saturation caused by a continuous flow of articles, messages, notifications… which end up completely monopolizing the attention of Internet users until they annihilate their faculties of concentration and memorization 📝 So how to stand out and catch the attention of web users? Videos 📹 are now the most engaging content on the web and more than 94% of the organizations will use videos in 2019. We think that video are good way to immerse your audience and do some storytelling, but there is a lack of interactivity! 🎮 Naker is a free 3D content builder on the web to create interactive that is 7x times more engaging than a classic marketing videos, and let you immerse your audience in a super engaging and innovative digital storytelling experience! 📚 The tool is made for everyone: artists, designers, agencies and brands, won't require any technological knowledge (it's drag-and-drop only) and you can publish 💻 your 3D experience on the web... in one click, for mobile, tablets, desktops and soon VR headsets! 👥We've launched the v1 almost 6 weeks ago and we already have 700+ users! Every PH user is very welcome to join the Nakers community :D I hope that you'll create engaging immersive and interactive experiences and make the web cool again with us! In the meantime, we'll be around all day to answer your questions :) Would love to hear your feedback! 3D, innovation and lots of love! 💌 #webGL #webVR #3D #content #babylonJS

I highly recommend this product . The mentality behind its design constitutes the future of webvr


Practical, convenient, web accessed, variety of assets , accessible even to non-technical people



Thanks a lot Anna :D
I don't know what what I can do please make it
Found this in a Medium. Often was thinking about something like that. What do you think about 3d in a modern web, guys?
@qvantor Wow, thanks a lot for your hunting Sergey! We want to make the web cool again, offering a simple to use content builder for 3D on the web! Let's make the web cool again together!
@make_the_web_cool_again I'm just trying to work in similar direction!
this is really cool! Definitely going to use this more
@aaronoleary Thanks a lot! We would love to onboard you on the app when you want! :D
Great team and amazing product ! good luck for the launch guys