Premium lingerie with a social impact. Do-Good Underwear.

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Naja seems like an interesting product line with a good social aspect to it although watching Catalina Girald pitch it on Shark Tank last night was a bit upsetting. She came off as very condescending when she kept interrupting the investors and kept on flashing her insane "Silicon Valley" valuation along with her Stanford MBA. That being said, I watched Sharktank with my family and my Mom said she loved the designs. Let's see where Naja goes.
@irvingtorresyc Just saw this on Shark Tank. Totally agree about the pitch.
As seen on shark tank
One of the things I love about Naja is that they have designs on the insides of bras: reinforcing their idea that their lingerie is for the wearer, not other people.
Hey everyone! Proud investors in Naja here (#BFV005). So some details about Shark Tank... It was filmed 10 months ago and the company was in a very different place. Today, she's having a lot of trouble keeping product on the shelves (yay demand!) and has some great new investors who I of course cannot unveil. The other thing is that's Catalina's style. She's so passionate about her product and mission that she won't let investors try to bring her down. One of the major reasons why we love her and invested in her and her team. The Underwear For Hope piece (single monthers work in the factory and earn wages making product) is a great social good piece; they also leave a letter when you get the product in the mail. Extra touch. In an industry where body shaming is so rampant, you need a firecracker of a founder to fight for that empowerment. GO CATALINA!
I don't think the business model she'd established got the attention it deserved. Her personality, the designs on the inside, underwear for hope - don't care. What I saw is that she's essentially setup a supply chain that seems VERY similar to "Zara for lingerie"
@rossdcurrie It's Shark Tank. I'm not surprised they cut things out. #ratings