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Hi guys, we created NailSnaps to return creativity and personal expression back to the world of nail art. We love nail wraps for the convenience but we want people to be able to wear personalized looks, instead of generic off-the-shelf wraps. NailSnaps lets you create gorgeous, glossy, one-of-a-kind nail art from your photos and rock your custom look with no messy polish, no smelly chemicals, and no dry time! Fun, easy personalization is literally at your fingertips ;-)
@angel Great idea. Great site. Are the images enhanced or is that the true resolution of the wraps?
@narezm1six the video shows the true product on nails. Some of the static images are enhanced to better show that you can get different parts of an image on each nail. We'll be adding additional images to the inspiration gallery over time and those will also be un doctored product shots. As for the resolution in the printed nail wrap, it's totally dependent on the resolution of the photo you use to create your design. Hope you have fun creating and wearing your art!
Best idea i've seen on PH in a while.
I'll stick to eating Instagram marshmallows (via Boomf) but this too is creative and impressive. cc @michellelaralin
@michellelaralin @rrhoover There is truly a startup for EVERYTHING! The design of the site is really good too. Its clear and focused.
@michellelaralin @rrhoover I love @Boomf too but I recommend @NailSnaps when you when you want to give a non-fattening customized gift to someone! NailSnap are sugar-free even though we're super sweet ;-)
This looks awesome. I let my nails get chipped constantly because waiting for polish to dry is agonizing. My only recommendation would be to have some type of pricing on the site. Is it fairly competitive with the midrange nail wraps (NYla? I think) Even a starting price point would be helpful. OT, I need these matryohska space dolls in my life:
@stttories Each set of NailSnaps is $19. The same price as the NCLA product however our price includes free US shipping (theirs costs extra), our product is glossy right out of the box (theirs requires a topcoat), AND ours files off cleanly like polish at the tip with no white edge (theirs looks like the edge of a sticker) so not only is the price competitive, you get better value for your money! Each set of NailSnaps comes with 2 sizes: Regular and Petite for a total of 20 nail wraps. Mix and match depending on the width of each fingernail or share the sheet you don't use with a friend.