Create an A/B test in 10 seconds, without a line of code

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Nevermind the design, this tool is actually really easy to use. Just add the pages you want to ABCD test, add the % and you'll get a shortlink you can share. Get (detailed) conversion analytics after implementing a hidden pixel on your success page and you'll be A/B testing like a boss (for free). It's basically like a link shortener, but added to that is custom randomisation of the multiple URLs you can add to it. Check out the video to see how it works. Maybe @galligator can answer some Q's!
I would love for @peeplaja, @oligardner, @hnshah, @alexdesigns, @grayj_ etc. to weigh in - I think this landing page is potentially misleading about the "simplicity" of A/B testing.
@bramk Also @shanacarp probably has a lot to add.
@bramk A start at? (Curious as to what you meant.)
Hey! I created nagg and I'd love to answer some questions about it!
@galligator Love any tools that marketers can use to make more data-driven decisions without having to burden devs. How does this differ from
@knakao Thanks for the question. This actually started as just a url shortening tool for me to use personally. I created a bitly link and used it in a bunch of places and then I realized I needed to change the destination URL. I couldn't find a way to do that. So the basic functionality began as a URL shortener with the option to alter links. Then I started toying with being able to split traffic based on the link preferences. Then I was getting requests for API and for conversion tracking and nagg as you see it was born. Optimizely is an amazing tool. nagg is not meant to compete with them. nagg is just a very simple tool to allow you to quickly split a link into multiple paths. I'll give you an example of how a client just used it yesterday. They have 2 landing pages with getresponse - two different urls. They wanted to split test a Facebook campaign to see which LP was getting more signups so they used a nagg link on Facebook and split both LP's at 50/50. It's very useful for quick tests like that.
@galligator that makes a ton of sense and thanks for explaining. It does take time to set up on Optimizely including integration with your analytics. I look forward to trying Nagg out on my next campaign.
@knakao Thank you and please let me know if you need help with setup. You can also use a nagg link in the action of a form and it will split test the post values to your destination URLs.
I think this is a fine tool if you've got a simple funnel with easily defined goals and it makes sense to inject different pages into that flow. What about a javascript plugin that lets you use data attributes to define the urls+percent then the js talks to the server to determine which link to replace in the href tag. This way you can make it more of a developer's tool to go along with the marketer's tool. I could see myself using that if I didn't have to leave my code to go setup and manage a new project.
@duilen I am working on a Chrome extension to be able to create these links from your toolbar. Something that may ease the process even more. Thanks for the feedback!
This is awesome!