Nada WordPress Theme

No-features & simple so you can focus on content.

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Love the simplicity behind this, and how it shifts the focus from design to content and results. I don't use Wordpress, but the design has definitely been inspiring for me.
@tdavidson What CMS do you use? I've thought about making a theme for Kirby or similar flat-file CMSs.
Hey all - I decided to get back into making WP themes, and my opening volley is a theme that's pretty much the opposite of most other WP themes out there. No bells, no whistles... just back to basics with content. I modelled it after my own site, but used a Google font (which is actually a font from Adobe, Source Code Pro). Basically: you can write and style text, you can add a mailing list signup, a site icon and a menu. That's it :) PS: It's currently in soft launch and the price goes up in Jan. Paul
I love how this is different than other WP templates! Looks great!
Great work Paul! :)
Love the simplicity !