A cli tool that notifies when programs executions complete

N is a tool so light that its sourcecode fits in a tweet!

N allows you to be notified when a command finishes execution on cli! You always wanted this. :)

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Hey @madhavanmalolan, What made you want to build this?
@jacqvon I am a developer, and I work on the commandline a lot. I am usually compiling programs on one of the many tabs which takes a few minutes - hours. So with this I can start the compilation and continue to work on other things, without having to keep checking for the status.
Sadly doesn't seem to work with zsh EDIT: Works if you change the Path to the Shell in sh
@fabiobaser Hi. I confirm, it works on zsh :
@swizz540 Yeah, after I changed the Shell-Path in the file it work like a charm :) I use a Mac so i had to rewrite the notification part as well :P
@swizz540 @fabiobaser Would love to accept a pull request on this! :)
@fabiobaser Can you please put in a pull request?