MZRT by Ryan Leslie

An unlimited track album served as one single/month for life

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Thanks @eriktorenberg! This is a pay what you want subscription model for delivery of songs + access to me as an artist, released on the 4th of July. Supporters pledge anywhere from $1-1000+ per single on a monthly or yearly recurring basis, limited to 1000 fans. Built on Gumroad for payment processing/digital delivery and DMM's SuperPhone product for updates via sms to subscribers at varying levels. The intro to my video is real. Ask me anything.
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@ryanleslie Wrote about you here: A few questions: First of all, how are you liking Gumroad? Are you partnered with them, or are you just using their standard functionality? Is this music exclusive to this site, or is it available elsewhere? What inspired you to create this? What plans/feature ideas do you have for the future?
@ryanleslie is one of smartest people at the intersections of music and tech. He's worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Kanye, and his startup is funded by Ben Horowitz and Betaworks. He drops his album today on PH and stops by for an AMA. Check it out and ask him a question. I recorded a podcast with him which will be released soon.
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@ryanleslie who do you think will win the Spotify/Apple/Tidal steaming battle, and can multiple survive? what do you prefer from an independent artist perspective?
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@djskee whattup Skee!!!!!!!! Is that even a battle?? Choice and competition are great for users because they drive innovation and product refinement. I personally use Soundcloud the most - instant, user friendly uploads and easy to share/receive the newest newest content in real time as people create.
@ryanleslie Are you aware that SoundCloud recently changed their Terms of Service to enforce a policy that no track is played more than a total of 24 hours in length on an external site. They want users to come to instead of listening to embeded music or music streamed in app via their API.
Hey @ryanleslie Interesting concept and congrats on the launch. 1. I saw that you're getting a lot of love from different independent artists, such as Nipsey Hussle and 50 Cent. Do you still feel like it's an uphill battle to convince artists (especially in the HipHop genre) of the new kind of marketing you and your company is preaching and living? 2. Any interest in still releasing the album through (now) traditional channels such as Spotify and Apple Music?
@freshfey absolutely. Informing artists on the value of data they've lived/survived without for their entire careers is a tall order.
@freshfey yes - as long my premium subscribers get the content first, we'll distribute to Spotify and anywhere else music is consumed. Discovery is super valuable as an incentive to come see the show live!
Ryan, I think that your subscription model for releasing music and staying engaged with fans is awesome. How does a 15 year old that's spitting hot bars on Instagram get paid with this type of model since they may not have a bank account? There are up and coming creators that are engaging audiences worldwide at an early age. What can we do as tech founders to provide an opportunity to create an independent income for themselves? edit: For anyone confused about Ryan's first answer, I had edited out a question earlier. The question was, what happens when he hits the 1000 user mark and other people want to sign up.
@schnelle we'll likely adjust the number of users (opening more $1 sub opps so yes - even you can get that heat every month). The top tiers are based on access so they will remain super limited. Only 5 fit on the plane with me and my people!
@schnelle the phone is the greatest. That's the glue for the entire ecosystem - a SuperPhone that tells me who's bought and who's not. This facilitates greater attention/acknowledgement for the top supporters - which I can gauge on any metric, twitter mentions, IG likes, fb comments, and of course $$. This also builds a list of mobile numbers - the real measure of audience ownership at Disruptive Multimedia.