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MyTwoCents Comment Aggregator is a browser extension that puts the relevant Reddit, HackerNews and Facebook comments (for now) on any website with the push of a button. It also shows the number of comments available for the current site on the extension icon in the browser.

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trahnMaker@trahn · "projects" 😀
Hey PH, so the original idea was to put a comment section on any website, e.g. where there is none by default but a need for discussion. But that turned out to be a bit of a marketplace/chicken-and-egg problem as it needs quite a bit of comments all over the web to be actually useful to people. After some user feedback, I pivoted the idea to a "comment aggregator". Now, the extension actually surprises me occasionally when it shows comments (number in red on the icon) on a site while I'm surfing the web and didn't expect any. (Also, have a little landing page with a demo up now :) ) The overall idea is to pool a diverse range of opinions on any content on the web - be it (news) articles, video content, software or anything with a URL. In a second step, I hope to enable more discussion and exchange of opinion. Let me know, what you think and if you have any feedback. :) Cheers, Till 😊
ShimomiAizo@hesperiashimo · First Year Grad Student, HCI/d @ IUB
find a freelancer if you don't know how to create a logo.