www.MyTweetAlerts.com is like Google Alerts but for Twitter. You can receive alerts and get emails when someone tweets about some topics and the tweet has more than X likes or Y retweets. You can also get emails if someone tweets about some keywords and he/she has more than X followers. So it is really useful to find tweets that can go viral.

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I like it. Just created an alert to test it. I'll let you know how it goes.
@rsencion Great - thanks. I appreciate all feedback - good and bad. Let me know if you want me to help you set up your alerts. It is common problem that people create too broad alerts.
@hakon I think I got it 👍🏼 Thanks!
I have a Tweetdeck with search for my keywords active. Will I get different results or do you use the same API?
@agilek Hi Mike. We are using the same API but with MyTweetAlerts.com you can better control all the email alerts. You can get emails if someone tweets about some topic AND he has more than X followers. Or Tweets about some topics that have more than Y likes or Y retweets - so you can spot tweets that might go viral. As far as I know, TweetDeck is not using the advanced features of the Twitter API. p.s. AllPrototypes.com is a great idea - I am going to check out the website.
Nice . 👍
@lazaruspain Thanks Marlon - let me know if you need help setting up some alerts.
@hakon Of course. Will do and thanks, I appreciate it.
Why do you want access to our Twitter account?
@fdewever Hi Fanuel. We have to use your Twitter account to access the Twitter API. If we would use our account then we would hit the Twitter API limits. Let me know if you have any other questions or need help setting up the alerts.
@fdewever I suspect they require access to your Twitter account because one of the ways Twitter limits connections. From the Twitter Streaming API docs: "Each account may create only one standing connection to the public endpoints, and connecting to a public stream more than once with the same account credentials will cause the oldest connection to be disconnected." So in order to have streams and filters for each user, you have to have a particular account connected to it.
Very useful tool for social media listening.
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