Mystery Show - Case #5 Source Code

How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal? Starlee Kine investigates.

@rrhoover the player is slick, could be really cool to have a handoff feature for mobile listening in the product hunt app. Love this new channel!
@spencer414 credit goes to @rstankov, @shaunmodi, and @stephnbain. 👍
For anyone that needs more verification on Jake Gyllenhaal's height, check this Conan interview with Starlee 😄
@gigitsui amazing!
Big fan of Gimlet Media and their latest podcast, Mystery Show. I've listened to most of the episodes in the series but this one's my favorite because of the ridiculousness of the premise.
@rrhoover The clumination was epic. I was on the edge of my seat with the fattest grin on my face. It was podcast magic.
Loving the new Podcast section. I devour podcasts and look forward to being a member of this community. Could it all have started with this tweet? :)
@shauntrennery hehe, sorry to say that we've been thinking about this for months. But your tweet is great encouragement. 🙌
@rrhoover THIS IS AWESOME! Now I can browse PH all day listening to my 🌟podcasts! 🎧 Thumbs up for this team! 👍