Free email signature generator

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2017

MySignature is a free online signature maker that provides you with the easy and professional way of identifying yourself via email correspondence.

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12 Reviews5.0/5
This is very creative and I would definitely recommend this to my friend.
@hrantarzumanyan, I dedicated a lot of my free time to this project. Thank you for such nice feedback.
Wonderful! There are not many tools available online like this. really cool. An option to edit the text manually would be great! @kostia_khozhay
@sj_vipin , thank you for your idea. I will implement it soon.
Looks your site has been crashed.
not loading for me.
@carl_shaver, sorry for the inconvenience. I think I need to buy a more powerful server. Now, the site is working.
I would recommend this to my colleagues!
Awesome! Consider adding photo-free templates b/c photo in email sig is uncommon in some countries and industries.
@kkdub, thanks for feedback, I will add an ability to delete photo from email sig.
@kkdub I have implemented delete photo/logo functionality.