MySigMail is UI email signature generator

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Hi there, In the new year, I decided to post my project on GitHub. Propos Creating an email signature is not a trivial task, even for people who have knowledge of HTML and CSS. And what about ordinary users. There are many solutions on the Internet, and most of them are paid. There are free, but all of them are closed source. I wanted to make a free application with a user-friendly interface and open source code. So let's make creating email signatures easier!
Love how you can easily put in social links with logos!

I freaking love this! Can’t wait for more templates ♥️ The perfect signature builder! Every other one I’ve tried has shortcomings, this one none (other than the current lack of templates)


Beautiful UI, customizable, open source


only one template right now

Oh, thank you very much for such a positive review. 😀

Social media links must be explicit, you cannot just copy your username

It would be nice to provide instructions / ways to add this to Google Mail

Photo must be square shaped, otherwise the photo is stretched


No need to create an account

Customizable color scheme

Lots of nice social icons

Social icons also follow color scheme


Social media links are not generated

Photo must be square shaped and 10 kB or less in size

Only a single design is available

I tried to create a signature, but I've been getting an error message from Gmail saying the signature is too long 😞
@robertnachum7 Me too. And it was just for the simple picture, name, website and phone number.
@robertnachum7 For a gmail client, signatures with a base64 converted image appear to be too long in some cases. Try using an image link instead of embedding it as base64
@antonreshetov Hey Anton. I tried that and now it works. Now I have a small remark, which is that the social media icons don't look very good once I paste it on gmail. Here is how it looks:
@mullerickins I will deal with this problem of the insertion of the signature via the gmail client. Thanks for the bug report