MyRoll for Android Wear

The first photo gallery for smartwatches

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Thanks @benln for the post! We're really excited about bringing MyRoll for Android Wear. We thought a lot about how to make the simplest yet fun experience for smartwatches and realized that it's all about making it easy to access the photos and do immediate actions. All you need to do is: 1. Take photos with your phone 2. Instantly view them on your Android Wear with a non-intrusive notification 3. With one tap you can delete, share, set as phone desktop or open it on your phone. At the same time, you can always open MyRoll from your watch and simply browse through all your photos. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Been waiting for a way to see photos I took on my phone on my moto, this is an awesome solution :) Great job @ronch.
@benln Thanks!
1. I'm a fan of MyRoll. I think the execution is just great. 2. I'm super excited to try the AndroidWear feature 3. MORE ANDROID WEAR ON PH PLEASE And actual useful feedback: It was hard to find the link to download the app from that blog post. You should put the playstore link or something in the header or at the very top of the blog post. (I had lost the app from a factory reset, but just happily installed it again).
@ccarella thanks so much for the comments, and totally agree in general on how Android Wear should get more cool stuff! Your feedback is spot on - point taken, thanks man!