Stay motivated, stay organized and achieve your goals

MyResolutions is a simple app that lives in your menubar to help you plan your New Year's resolutions and keep your plan.

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Tag line should be: “Stay motivated, stay organized and achieve your goals”. Also: spell checkers. Grammarly is great!
@felixkaiser Thanks foe helping, really appreciate it
Stay motivated ... and chek your spieling!
@felixkaiser I suck at writing, I know 😂😅
I know Product was released late, but late is better than never Hope you all like and find this product useful. For full story, please refer to
i can‘t sign it even i creat a account
@sharyyan please DM me with your email and I'll see what I can do
@sharyyan It worth to mention that an hour ago I made a simple update, can you please try again now