Share your voice and be prepared to get booed or cheered!

#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 05, 2019
An audio only social network where you can record a message, morph your voice, then share it with others!
But be prepared, the audience will judge you, they can either clap, laugh or boo!
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Really, really like the concept here; just think the implementation is a little off. I'm a big podcast listener, and I would be really interested in a product that's sort of a hybrid of Spotify and Tik Tok (I know I know, but stay with me here). Basically, taking predictive learning and serving up a playlist/stream of short, 5min-ish long audio segments from podcasts that I like, mixed with a discovery element. Could even mix in user-generated content that gets a lot of positive feedback, and matches with what I like to hear. The claps, laughs, and boos would be a feedback loop, to help fine-tune my curated stream. Just my ideas on the topic, and props to you guys for launching on Product Hunt - that's no easy task!
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@chedglen Awesome feedback, this is an awesome idea, will definitely consider this for our next iterations. We know that it is very simple right now, but we wanted to launch asap to get feedbacks like this. Thanks a lot πŸ‘
Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹ We are launching πŸŽ™ MyPodium πŸŽ™- an audio-only social network where users can record their short audios/speeches, morph their voices and then share it. The audience can react with claps πŸ‘, laughs πŸ˜‚ or boos 🀬. Those reactions are mixed and played after the audio according to the number of claps, boos or laughs. Hope you will have fun using it, and would love to hear your feedback.
Is there a text chat as well? Sometimes you want to share links and pictures.
@hi_im_donglu No, I don't think so. Plenty of voice & text chat combos out there, like Discord. This one is doing its own thing.
@hi_im_donglu @richardkendri We are considering text only for comments.
I totally love the concept. Congrats on believing and getting on PH!
@kaivandave Thank you Kaivan! πŸ‘
Voice twitter? Looks fun :)
@thiago_sardim Glad you enjoyed, will add more social features soon.